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​CNC Robotic Machining,
3D-Printing Assisted Casting, 3D Printing of Prototypes, Reverse Engineering,
Computer-Aided Design Engineering



Quick Turnaround, Affordability, Flexible Payment Plans, Modification and Repair Services


Tommy Gentry's father started Gentry Machine Works all the way back in 1950, with a focus on precision gears for the textile industry.  Thanks to the trust of our local community, we've grown from a one-man local operation to a proud employer of 50 skilled workers, doing business all over the South. 

After decades of growth and putting our community to work, Tommy (then 72 years old) decided to attend Auburn University to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His studies gave him a theoretical understanding of part design and manufacturing to go along with his decades of experience.  In August, he was honored not just to graduate, but to be the Graduation Marshall for the Auburn University Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

Using his new education, Tommy is working with Auburn graduate and PhD students to bring the 3D printing revolution to Columbus while cutting costs and improving the engineering of traditional parts with advanced Computer-Aided Engineering design services, and reverse engineering services


At the same time, he's continuing our tried-and-true tradition of precision machining services (manual and CNC), sheetmetal services, and welding (portable and in-shop).  We also offer modifications and repair services for existing parts.

Tommy Marshall.jpg

Tommy Gentry was the Graduation Marshall for Engineering at Auburn in 2018.


We've uploaded a complete list of all of our equipment and software here (updated February 2020).  Additionally, you can see pictures of some of our machines in use below:

Lathe 3


GENTRY MACHINE WORKS is a family-owned (3rd generation) large machine shop in Columbus, GA.  Founded in 1950 as a one-man operation to produce gears for the textile industry, we continue to specialize in precision, custom gears, and we've diversified to all types of machine work and sheetmetal work, as well as design and engineering

.  We are exploring casting of intricate parts with the assistance of 3D printing.

TOMMY and HENRY GENTRY are our current owners.  Tommy recently graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at the age of 76!  He learned a lot about emerging and advanced manufacturing technologies that he is starting to incorporate in his machine shop.  His story drew a lot of attention at Auburn, summarized in this Facebook post.

SOME OF THE MANY INDUSTRIES WE SERVE are foundries, sawmills and planing mills, boiler manufacturers, automotive power train suppliers, box and container manufacturers,  aircraft manufacturers, and bakery and cookie manufacturers.

WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR QUALITY-CONTROL standards.  Specifically, our in-house quality control system to meets and/or exceeds the requirements contained in MIL-I-45208.

WE HAVE EQUIPMENT FOR NEARLY ANY JOB, from engine lathes and vertical mills to CNC machines ranging from a Mazak QT-350 to a Mazak FH-6000 horizontal machining center.  Our fabricating shop consists of brakes and shears, plate and angle rolls, plasma and Waterjet plate burning machines, all types of welding equipment and sub-arc welding.  Also, we do portable welding.

WE HAVE MULTIPLE DEGREED MECHANICAL ENGINEERS on our team, ready to help with design, engineering analysis, and reverse engineering/modification.  A PhD student from Auburn specializing in 3D printing also works regularly with us to make prototypes, end-use parts, and 3D-printing-assisted casting molds.

Send us your drawing, sample, or idea today.  With 50 years in the business, we have the experience you need to realize your product goals.



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